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Manual and details of U-books

U-books is a public benefit web application that can take all educations to the real international online system and open to the freedom world of unlimited education for everyone in everywhere with the new mobile technology on any smartphone, tablet or PC.

Who will benefit from this program?

1.Teachers and Tutors
You can use this program as a tool for your teaching activities. It's very easy to ceate an e-learning media or test that take less than a minute by using the ready-to-use media from the store which you can adapt it to suit your purpose later. You also can create your own media as you needed and share it to the others too.
You can create a listening media for your students to practice the languages easily with the Text to Speech system in the program. The tool for Mathematic symbol and equation is also available.
This can be use in your normal or additional teaching activities. And it can be a modern homework for your students too.
All media and tests include automatic grading system which save your time of daily work alot.
You can communicate to your students as group or individual anytime and anywhere easily with the online message system in the program.
Manual and Guide for Teachers.

You can use this program to find many Learning Media and Tests to study or practice anytime and anywhere with your smartphone or PC as your normal or additional learming activities. And if you apply to any teachers, your taking media or test result would be recorded.

As a parent, you can observe and view the learning result of your children easily by using your smartphone anytime and anywhere. It's easily to know about the learning activities of your children.

You can use this program to find many Learning Media and Tests which is opened for everyone to study by yourself.

Instruction for basic using.

You need to login before using U-books. You can apply for a free user ID by clicking on the [Register] button.
If you've got a Facebook ID you can use it to login by clicking on the [Log-in with Facebook ID] button.
      U-books is a free web application which can be run on many platform via a browser. No need installation.
      -It can be run on Chrome for any personal computers.
      -It can be run on Safari for iPhone and iPad.
      -It can be run on Chrome for Smartphone and Tablet like Samsung or other Android mobile.
      After opened the browser, type "" in the address or URL box. And you should make a shortcut for easily using later.
There are many icon buttons are used in the program system as explain below:
 When you click on this button, It will expand the box to show the details inside.
 And if you click on this button, It will collapse the box to hide the details.
 This button will be on the right side of each list items that link to another page.
 This button will always be on the top left of each page that link back to the previous page.
 This is the menu button on the right of the select menu. You need to click on it and select list item.
 The button on the top right of each page will be a menu.
 This is the log-out button which you should use to exit the program if you used a public computer.