Manual and guide for teachers and tutors.

Please follow the steps below.

1.Apply for a U-books member.
1.1 After enter the website "" click on the button [Register] or [Login with Facebook ID]
1.2 Type your ID. You can use youe email or phone number. 
1.4 Type your name and last name.
1.3 Type your password.
1.5 Then choose user type as [Teacher / Tutor]
1.6 Prove if it your real name and last name or not.
(If you used Login with Facebook ID, you would not see step 2-4 . But your name will be from Facebook. So you must change it if it's not your real name.)
1.7 Click the [Submit] button.
1.8 You need to choose [State Name] first to list the name of Institutes available in the state for you to choose. Choose [No my institue (Add new)] if it is not found. And there will be a form for you to add your institute later.
(Choose [Freelance] if you are not from any institue.)
When registration is completed you would see the window of Teacher Menu.

2.Learning Media and Test Building
 Following the steps, viewing menu buttons meaning and choosing the right options are easily for you to understand.
 You can create a new one or copy from the store.
 There are many conditions such as grading, users and time limit which you can change as you need. 
 Please try your media or test before taking it to your students.
 When everything is finished, change the status by clicking on the [Open/Close] switch. 

3.Class or Group Building
 This is important for you to keep the record of your students in class such as scores.
  All teacher and student activities refer to academic year and semester. First of all you need to set the current academic year and semester by click on [Personal Menu] in the first page. Then click on [Change Academic Year and Semester].
 When finished, go back to the first page and enter the Teacher Menu. Then click on [My Students] and [Build Class/Group]
 You should name it with full meaning that you and your students can find it easily. The class you have built will be empty until your student apply to your class.
 You need to build a new class when the new academic year or the new semester has come. You should copy students list from the old class to the new class if they are the same group.

4.Class/Group Applying
 You need to tell your students to  make a registration to U-books before they can apply to your class. They must choose user type as a student and choose instistue too.
 After finished the registration, enter the Student Menu and click on [Class/Group Applying] and choose [Only teachers in my institue]
 In the Teacher List page, click the [>] button on the right side of each teacher to choose.
 Select the class name and type Student No. Then submit.

5.Learning Activity Guide
 You and your student can use this program in many ways with many device such as Smartphone, iPhone, iPad, tablet, PC or Notebook which is connected to the internet. Learning acitivities can be in the class room, at home or anywhere.
1. Assigning the Learning Media to all students in your class.
1.1 Enter [Learning Media Menu]
1.2 Click on the [Send Media to Students in Class] button.
1.3 Choose the class name.
1.4 Choose Level(If there are not many tests, you should choose [All Levels])
1.5 Choose Media name.
1.6 Type your message for what you need your student to do. Then click [Send]
2. Assigning the Test to all students in your class.
2.1 Enter [Tests Menu]
2.2 Click on the [Send Test to Students in Class] button.
2.3 Choose the class name.
2.4 Choose Level(If there are not many tests, you should choose [All Levels])
2.5 Choose Test name.
2.6 Type your message for what you need your student to do. Then click [Send]
 This assignment method will comfort both you and  your students. They would not waste time of searching the media you have assigned. They can easily find it in the message and just click on the Media link when they are ready. All students in your class will get this message no matter if they will come to class or not. So you can use this way even while you are not in the classroom. And this can be a good way to assign the home work.
3. Assigning the Learning Media to a students.
3.1 Enter [Learning Media Menu]
3.2 Click on the [Send Media to a student] button.
3.3 Choose the class name.
3.4 Choose Level(If there are not many tests, you should choose [All Levels])
3.5 Choose Media name.
3.6 Type your message for what you need your student to do. Then click [Send]
4. Assigning the Test to a student.
4.1 Enter [Tests Menu]
4.2 Click on the [Send Test to a tudent] button.
4.3 Choose the class name.
4.4 Choose Level(If there are not many tests, you should choose [All Levels])
4.5 Choose Test name.
4.6 Type your message for what you need your student to do. Then click [Send]
 This method can be used for additional learning activity. You can use this way to assign the specific student such as the failed one to do more. (Don't forget to reset the test using of your student in the [Reset Student Test Usage] menu, if you have set the test condition to be use only once. Otherwise you can set the repeatable time.)  )

6.Features of Learning Media and Test
 Some conditions at first build that can not be changed later would be informed.
Lerning Media can be with or without an exercise.
There are 5 type of exercise and Test.
1. [2 choices] This suit for the [Right] and [Wrong] answer.
2. [4 choices] This will be used for a normal test.
3. [5 choices] This will be used for a harder test.
4. [Fill the blank] It needs to type the answer in the blank.
5. [Subjective/Essay] Need giving an explanation, opinion or description.
 Type 1 - 4 included the automatic grading system. Except for the type 5 which you need to score them by yourself.
Details, direction and content must be type in the [Detail/Content] part.
You can add a picture or a video clip from [YouTube]. If you have got a video clip created by yourself, you need to upload it to YouTube before using the video link.
Text to Speech engine is available for building the language listening media and test. You can use it to read the story, questions and answer choices. This can be the good language self practice and learning media.
The tool for putting mathematic synbol and equation is available.
There are two screen sizes for you to choose.
[Small] suit for the normal smartphone.
[Big] Suit for the wide screen such as tablet and computer monitor.
([Small] is recoomented for all.)
Media and Test Conditions:
1. You can set to show the correct answers with the result or not to show.
2. Put the total of questions to be use.(Not more than available.) For example you can use only 10 questions from 20 questions available and the system will choose 10 from 20 by random. So your students would never find the same order of questions. This will be useful to prevent your student from copying the answers. 
3. Determine the score obtained from each question.
4. Set the minimum of total score to pass the test.
(Processing scores will count from the total number of correct answers. The wrong answer or no answer will not score.)
5. Time limit setting must be the number in minutes. For example, use [120] for one hour. Put [0](zero) if no limit time. When the time is over, the test will be ended and the answers will be sent automatically. However the student can click the [Submit] button before the time end. 
6. Repetition of taking the test can be set from 1 - 99. Just put 0 if it can be used only once.
7. Automatic Google web translation can be protected  by set the option to [Protect] or [No Protect]
8. There are 3 group of users available:
[Everyone] This for anyone that is the U-books member.
[My Students] This for any of your students.
[Students in my class] This for the students that are in your class.
9. The new build Learning Media or Test could not be used until you set the status to be opened. You can change the status anytime by cliking on the swith [Open/Close]. This will be useful to protect yout Test. 
(Important: You must click on the [Save all update] button before you leave the editor page.)
10. All Learning Media or Test can be copy to make a new one or use it to make a test or a learning media.
Remark: The Learning Media and Test you have built will be automatically put in the store to share for the other teachers to use. It the reason of the pupose of this program to be the public benefit and equality in education for all teachers and students. This can help the disadvantaged students who are not in the famous school with the smart teachers to have a chance to get the better learning media and tests. Hoping the smart teachers and tutors would be kind to help them. There will be the using statisctic in the Media and Test list that show which one is popular.
Exception: If you need to use this program in a business and do not need to share your Learning Media and Test, you can set each of them to be shared or not shared. This feature will be available for the VIP members only. And it needs for a little money donation yearly. VIP application is available in the [Personal Menu].

7.Grading the subjective test/ essay.
7.1 Enter [Learning Media Menu] or [Test Menu]
7.2 Click on the [Grading subjective test]
7.3 Choose the class name
7.4 Click to choose the Media or Test name
7.5 At the student list page, click on the [>] button whic is on the right side of each student. 
7.6 After you have put the scores and comments of each question, clik the [Submit] button.
7.7 This will be back to the students list page for you to choose another student untill finished.

8.Solving problems for your student.
The problem that some of your students might face with is failling to login to U-books if they misstype the User ID or Password. So if they forget about this you can help them this way.
7.1 Click on [My Student] to enter the Student Menu.
7.2 Click on [List Students in class]
7.3 Choose the class name and click on [Submit].
7.4 At the student list page click on the [>] button whic is on the right side of each student. 
7.5 You will see the details of your student. You can edit some of this details except for User ID and picture. 
7.6 If your student forgot the password, you can reset it by clinking on the  [Password reset(Forgot)]. After confirm the reset, you would see the popup message that show the new password for you to take note and tell your student. 
7.7 In the case of there were some students should not be in your class, you can remove them by cliking on the [Remove] button.
7.8 In this page, there is a form which you can use to send message to your student too.